Getting A Puppy Small Dog Pet

Most people think that getting puppy small dog pet is the best choice. But they should know that raising a puppy is a time consuming  job  which may take as long as three years for him to fully mature. Before you get a puppy as a small dog pet, there are certain issues and points to take note of. In this article, you will get useful information about puppy small dogs pets and the care they need.


Puppy small dog pet will require a great amount of care and attention form you, especially for the first six months. Your new pet will take time to adjust to his new surroundings, having plenty of accidents in the house. Problems like getting your furniture and personal belongings chewed will gradually resolve with dedicated training.

But patience is a must when getting puppy small dog pets. Before you get home a puppy as a small dog pet, think on issues like having young children in the house and how they will adjust to the new family member. If you have a full-time job, then you have to make arrangement to see that the puppy is take n well care of in your absence.


When you get a puppy small dog pet, remember that they are born helpless and need all the care. Their eyes and ears are closed for the initial few days and will open after about 14 days. Their entire day by day schedule consists of nursing and sleeping.  Your puppy will start learning the serious business of play at three to four weeks of age. Wagging their tails and yelping are the familiar signs of their canine communication. This time period till they are about 3 months old, is called the critical behavior period. Although each puppy small dog pet will develop according to his own individuality, this is time ton lay the foundation for their lifelong behavior.


Training a puppy small dog pet is no joke. It will consume every bit of your patience

A good way to make sure your new friend stays with you for a long time is to start paying attention to health at this early age. Make sure his eyes and nose are clear and clean. The coat should be clear and shiny. Check for any persistent coughing and sneezing.



If your puppy small dog pet is a bright and friendly fellow, chances are that he will grow up to be a bright, friendly dog. The right amount of training, exposure and the experience of life with humans will go a long way in setting your puppy as a small dog pet into a friendly, well-adjusted animal companion.

The key, when getting a puppy as a small dog pet is to look for the puppy who likes you and as well as the one you're interested in. Don't let first impressions compel your decisions. Getting puppy small dog pets requires a lot of research.

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