Choosing Small Dog Pet Breed


There are countless breeds for small pet dogs. And it is not an easy task choosing small dog pet breed, which is just right for you. Here in this article, you will get helpful information on choosing right breed for small dog pet, for you. Read on.


So you're ready to get a new family member into your home - you've decided to get a small dog pet. We will teach you how to choose small dog pet breed that will suit your lifestyle, personality and requirements. This is an important decision for you for the long term association you are going to have with the dog.


Questions to ask yourself before selecting small dog pet breed:


What size of small dog breed you like?
 Size does matter, so see if the size of the small dog breed is suited to apartment living.


Do you want a small pet dog that sheds heavily?
Almost all small dogs shed to some degree but some shed like there is no tomorrow! Choose small dog pet breed depending upon the time you can spend on his daily grooming and if you do not mind dog hair in your home.


Is it compatible with children?

Do some researches before selecting small dog pet breed tom know which are best for children and there are great options.


Is training factor important for you?

Some small dog breeds are more willing and obedient. Look for the right option if you want advanced training factor, when choosing small pet dog breed.


What should be the energy level of your small dog?

Do you want a pet who slumbers the whole day or one who is continually looking for a game? It is important to for your and your small dog pet energy levels to match.


Can you afford the small dog breed?

If affordability is an issue for you, then don’t just dwell on the finial purchase. Think of the feeding, grooming and health care expenses too.



Besides getting answers to the above mentioned questions, also think on the issues of if you want your small dog to remain indoors all the time, out door or bit of both. Remember that some small dog breeds are simply not suited to being kept outside. Also before choosing small pet dog breed, see if your climate presents any problems to your chosen breed.

Finally, before selecting small dog pet breed, you need to ask some questions to the dog breeder too.


Know the asking price of the small dog breed and compare prices with other breeders. Do not be hesitant to ask if you see any disparity in prices. If there is a big difference in pet and show pups, ask the breeder. Stay away from any breeder charging different for males or females. As a potential buyer, you have the right to see documentations of all tests done on the small pet dog breed. Do not accept their word blindly.


The breeder should be open with you about what inoculations have been given and what medical care they have had. You should also know the brand of food he offers to the small dogs. Ask for any references of previous puppy buyers.

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