Exercises For Small Dog Pets


When small dogs pets are grouped as high energy dogs, it doesn’t necessarily mean their energy outputs to be drawn from rigorous physical activities. Because of their small built, exercises for small dog pet many small dogs need not be demanding activities like for the bigger breeds. Read on to know more on the activities for small dog pets.


Many high-energy activities, like ball fetching, agility training, jogging, Frisbee, fly ball, tracking, keep the small dogs physically and mentally fit. These exercises for small dogs offer the same benefits to these pets as it does for people. Toning muscles, preventing obesity, strengthening bones and improving sleep, etc; are some of the benefits. Besides,

these small dog pet exercises enhance mental alertness and health.


But before we go further in the subject of exercising small dog pets, the first point to consider is how much exercise and for what breed of your small dog. One should monitor the individual small dog to see how much exercise and what kinds of exercise it needs. For some, 15-minute walk twice a day is enough, while others need more than 30-minute walks. Some small dogs aren’t designed to keep sitting in the house all day. They will need some form of energetic physical and challenging mental activities every other day both indoor and outdoor.

Age is also another key consideration in exercises for small dog pet . The energy level of a puppy, adult and senior dog will differ. One should also keep in mind your small pet dog’s breed when planning the exercise routine. Small dogs with shorter legs should not be made to walk or jog for longer times. Also small dog breeds with short noses, if exercised vigorously may have trouble breathing.


Before engaging in any activities for small dog pets, get a veterinarian check him out and assess his fitness level. He should check his lungs, heart, ligaments, weight etc;

Here are some simple fitness Exercises for small dog pets:


take your small dog pet for a walk at least twice a day. The exact length of the walk should depend on the breed and age of the dog.



Throwing a stick or ball and then asking your pet small dog to fetch is good and enjoyed by all small dogs. These games are great ideas for indoor activities.


Swimming in the pond or river or pool is another excellent exercise for small dogs. Make it more enjoyable by joining your pet.


Horse riding and cycling
You will enjoy these activities for small dog pets when accompanied by them. But avoid these small dog pet exercises incase you live an urban area with heavy traffic or  in a hilly country side.


 Climbing stairs
Another great way of exercising small dog pet is climbing stairs be it outdoor or indoor. But you have to be patient with small dogs with shorter legs.


When exercising small dog pet, it in important to teach him to sit and sit-stay. This is helpful when you need to stop at intersections and in the middle of some traffic and other bottleneck-type areas.