Feeding Small Dog Pets

Feeding small dog pet is a very important issue. Whether you get food for small dog from out side or give him home made food, it is essential to scan the ingredients in its food.

The pet food must prove that provides all the nutrients needed by the small dog. So before you offer your small dog pet another bite, read on to know more on feeding small dogs


The healthiest food for small dog pet shouldn’t be difficult to find or make. First of all make sure that it is of good quality. Feeding small dogs with high quality good food means that they will eat less, poop less, and will be much healthier too!

The best ratios for a healthy food for small dog pet are about 40% meat, 50% veggies, and about 10% carbohydrate. Therefore, plan your feeding small pet dogs close to this ingredient ratio.


Next step in when you feed small dog pet is to check the ingredients of the food. As dogs are carnivores, it is a good idea to include beef or chicken in their meals. Any by-products, heads, feet, bones, or left over from human consumption will do well. Although not of a very high quality, they do have as much nutritional value, as the meat itself. One should evade grains, especially corn as many small dogs are allergic to it. Although dogs are omnivores by nature, a well-planned vegetarian diet can also work for small dogs pets.

If you decide to introduce a new type of dog food, do it slowly and gradually. Mix it with the old food, and then slowly proceed to adding more new and less old. This is to ensure that the small dog's stomach can handle the change. If you switch food too quickly, your small dog pet may experience diarrhea.


Many dog owners consider these rules of thumb that if you wouldn’t eat it, then don’t give it to your dog either. But remember that some things that you would eat such as chocolate, white flour, grapes, raisins are not good for your small pet dog. Don’t think that all food good for you is also good for feeding small pet dogs. Human and canine nutritional needs and likes differ.
The above article on feeding small dog pet will give you a clearer picture on what to feed your dog.