Popular Small Dog Pets Breeds


Small dogs are very popular as pets. Besides being easy to fit in small spaces, they usually don't require a great deal of exercise or maintenance. You will come across a huge number of popular small dog pets breeds. Today, even mixed breeds for small dogs is getting popular. These small pet dog breeds live longer too and are readily accepted into public places.


Here is a list of the most popular small dog breeds:


·        Affenpinscher

·        Beagle

·         Bichon Frise

·        Boston Terrier

·         Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

·        Chihuahua

·        Chinese Crested Dog

·        Dachshund

·        French Bulldog

·        Fox Terrier

·         Havanese

·         Italian Greyhound

·        Jack Russell Terrier

·        Lhasa Apso

·         Maltese

·         Mexican Hairless

·         Papillon

·         Pekingese

·        Pomeranian

·        Poodle (Toy)

·         Pug

·         Schipperke

·         Scottish Terrier

·        Shetland Sheepdog

·         Shih Tzu

·        West Highland White Terrier

·         Whippet

·         Yorkshire Terrier



Small dog pets breeds are also called the Pocket Pet dog breeds. Depending on your liking and preference, you should be able to find a small dog breed to fit your style and needs. Chihuahuas are one of the more popular small pet dog breeds around the world.

They are ideal for people living in smaller apartments. So, whether you have an active routine or a sedentary one, there is a small dog pets breed that is happily waiting to share your life with you.

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