Pure Or Mixed Breed Small Dog?

Pure or mixed breed small dog pet? Well, the only major difference between the two is that purebred small dogs, as their parents and other ancestors belong to the same breed, they generally match to a specific "breed standard." Read on to know more on the topic of mixed or pure breed small dog pets, in this article.

Pure breed small dogs, offer you a good chance of knowing about the general physical and behavioral characteristics that breed is likely to have. Purebred small dogs generally have a shorter lifespan and pose more health problems. Besides, buying them can be an expensive affair.

About mixed breed small dogs, they are simply combinations of different breeds. Though, it is easy to predict the size, appearance, and character of most mixed breed dogs. Knowing the ancestry of a particular mixed breed small dog can foretell how the puppy is likely to look as an adult.


Some people mistakenly think that buying pure breed small dogs, guarantees of health and temperament, too. This is not true, for the only information the "papers" can certify is regarding the reported lineage and identity of the animal.


Mixed breed small dogs, are looked upon as offering several advantages that prospective pet owners may fall short of considering. For instance, when you get a mixed breed small dog, you get the advantage of two or more different breeds in one animal. Plus, the mixed breed small dog is less prone to genetic defects, which are common to certain purebred dogs. But sometimes it can be difficult to find out what mix of breeds the dog is. Therefore, it can be hard to determine general behavior and character that the mixed breed small dog may have as an adult.


So, which is best for you, pure or mixed breed small dog? Whether you're thinking of getting a small dog pet, purebred or mixed breed, it's more important to consider if the animal fits with your family and lifestyle. So first gain knowledge about the kind of small pet dog you want and then think about pure or mixed breed.